Friday, March 07, 2008

my very dead blog

I'm backkkk. But probably not for long, since I don't think anyone still checks my blog after a 3-month hiatus. Quite obvious why considering my last post mentioned that I got myself an Xbox. :)

Life has been same old since then. Wake up, work, come home, xbox, work on my share trading, sleep. Rinse and repeat for the whole week. Which is why I don't really have much to blog about. Although I did do some other activities. Went up blue mountains, went indoor rock climbing... and nothing much else actually. Not that I can recall anyway.

I've planned to go back KL in late August for about a week plus or so. Jetstar had cheap flights on sale (only $66!!!) and I needed to renew my passport before November anyway. I mulled over it, got my leave approved...and then forgot to book my tickets in time. The ticket sales was gone.... and its about 4 times the price now. Ugh.... now I have to consider whether I want to go back or not. Sigh.... stupid stupid stupid.

Thursday, December 20, 2007


got reminded that I've been meaning to blog a little bit more often after reading Jacq's blog. I haven't had the inkling to blog since my last post because I finally got my:
xbox 360!!!

I've been meaning to hold off till Boxing Day. Hoping I could pick it up for like 10-20% less or something, but got impatient when JB bundled it with a charger kit. Sold!! I'm actually sort of glad that I didn't get it last year when I mentioned it. Doesn't seem like there were many games that I would want to play. There isn't much now as well. I think I've got all the games I've wanted already. The rest aren't released yet.

I actually picked up Guitar Hero III as well. Not bad. Quite fun...although it'll give my fingers RSI after playing for a while. Not young anymore...aihs. Used to be able to play games for hours without feeling tired or have my fingers/hands/shoulders/back ache. Sadnesss.

Thats enough for a post... back to my Xbox gaming on a lousy ass tv. I want a HDTV dammit!

Saturday, December 01, 2007

An uneventful Saturday

Nothing to report. No plans for the rest of my Saturday except for just playing games and what-not. Andy says he is getting a PS3 today.... so might go over later and check it out.

I just got my car serviced today. Inaugural 1000km service. Its running even better now :) Took up my whole morning though. But just spent it sitting at a cafe and reading a book. I'm trying to go through the books that I ordered from Amazon but haven't read. Still got quite a few. Catching up on them when I'm on the bus nowadays.

Had my weekly fix of pork and fennel sausage roll from the Bourke Street Bakery, which is the most absolutely yummy sausage roll I've had. 1st bakery I know off that has a queue lined up waiting for sausage rolls, fruit buns and brulee tarts. I've been going there every weekend ever since I found out about it... which was 2 months ago. And sometimes on both Saturday & Sunday mornings as well.... its that good! imo at least...

Going to play some games now...spent the early arvo cleaning up the house. Felt like I had to join in cuz Thos & Michelle were cleaning up as well. The place looks spick and span now.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

not dead yet

Jacq reckoned I've died since I haven't been blogging for absolutely ages. Either that or that I'm not single anymore...which unfortunately isn't the case.

It has been a super long while since I've posted. Haven't really had the time nor motivation to write anything. Its almost 2 months. Should have waited till 1st December before making a post. Then it would be a full 2 months :p

Nothing much to update actually. I haven't been blogging partly cuz I've got a new computer as well. So been playing all sorts of new games. I've got 9 games currently on my computer now, all of them unfinished apart from Gears of War. So that should hopefully keep me busy until the X'mas period is over... which seems to be a fairly dead period for me. Got nowhere to go...and ermmm.. pizzas here. gonna chow down and blog later :)

Monday, October 01, 2007

blog blog blog...

its a long weekend, but didn't get to do much. Its been bloody hot too. Good weather for aussie people I guess. Bright and sunny. Great for the beach. I'd rather it still be winter :) Didn't get enough snowboarding imo.

I was planning to go to the Floriade on Saturday, but I realised that I had a seminar in the morning as well. Signed up for it a month ago and forgot all about it. And I only received an email reminder the on Friday. In the end... didn't go for the seminar as well. Woke up late and felt lazy to take the bus down to the city.

I went to buy new computer speakers instead! Finally got the 2.1 Logitech THX speakers that I wanted for so long
can't see nuts, I'm too lazy to take another picture :p

Apart from that... I just drove my car around for shopping etc etc. Got myself some photo frames. I actually wanted to use them to cover some holes that the previous tenant drilled into the walls. Theres like 7 holes just in my room. I just need to buy another one to cover the 2 holes that are on top of my bed. But wondering if its such a good idea to hang them on top of my head, especially since I have to use the removeable hooks. It won't be funny if the whole frame lands on my face in the middle of the night.

As for today... was planning to go the beach. But took a bit too long when I went back to Campsie to do grocery shopping. Bought lots of fatty meat so that I can make bah kut teh tomorrow :-) Hope that turns out all right.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

zoom zoom Zoom!

my latest toy :-)

Saturday, September 22, 2007

not so cheap after all

after receiving my credit card bill, I realised that this RC helicopter hobby isn't that cheap after all... despite it being a PRC product. Turns out the invoice came up to around $185... for something I busted in less than a week I think. Ugh... its freight thats making it so expensive. That...and the stupid aussie dollar being weak at the time I made the purchase. If I bought the heli like a week later...I would have saved around $20

The heli itself was only US$80... aihs...ended up paying $185...ouch. Of course. That is inclusive of spare parts and the delivery. I'm still waiting on the part to arrive before I can start fixing the heli. But before that...I have to figure how to take it apart. Gonna have to buy some superglue debonder, and maybe even a soldering iron.

Wonder if playing RC cars is cheaper... at least it ain't as likely to break into tiny little pieces when it crashes.